Any question you have big or small you will probably find the answer below, if its not there or you fancy a chat please feel free to get in contact with us!!!


Q- How much does a hen party/first dance/dance party cost.
A- It all depends how many people are involved, how many lessons your require and the length of your required party. Please note the total price of your package on the website is excluding your hire fee for your venue. Dance Mix will be happy to find your perfect venue and sort everything for you. This will be added to the total price of your package upon consultation with us.


 Hen Mix party


Q-  Do We need to have a set theme/song for the party?
A- No not at all we will always suggest going with the hen’s favourite song or something that’s fun and upbeat.  We can also suggest some song ideas for you to choose from, we have loads. Usually we suggest no more than two song choices for a one hour party as you will be surprised how quickly an hour goes when you’re having fun.


Q – Do you need any previous dance experience to take part?
A- No not at all, we will get you dancing like Beyonce in no time with our amazing dance instructors.


Q-  What do you need to wear to take part in the Dance Hen Party?  
A- Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can move in and if it takes your fancy to dress up in some leg warmers and tutus, be our guest you will get the most amazing photos.


Q-  Can we take photos and film the party?
A- Off course, we want you to have plenty of memories of your grea day. The instructor will also be on hand to take photos and film on the day, also why not send us a copy too, we love a good photo.


Wedding Mix (First Dance)


Q- How many lessons do we need/ we are not sure what we want for our first dance?
A- Usually for a 30secound to a minuite dance we suggest at least 3 hours of tuition. But why not book our taster session and the instructor can talk through ideas and guide you through. We have plenty of song choices you can also choose from too if your stuck for a song.


Q- what should we both wear for our wedding dance classes?
A- We suggest you wear something comfortable that you both can move freely in. We advise its always useful for the bride to wear a similar shoe with the heel height that she will be wearing on the wedding day to dance their first dance.


Q- We both have two left feet and have no dance experience, are these classes right for us?
A- No problem your in good hands with our fantastic instructors will turn those two left feet in to dancing feet in no time thats a promise.


Q- We only have a short time before the wedding, do we have enough time to learn a dance?
A- Of course you do, wether its the day before or the week before we can definitely do something for you, we offer last min packages and on site classes/rehearsals. So you have no excuse not to wow your guests.


Dolly Mix Dance parties


Q- What ages are your dance parties suitable for?
A- We provide parties for children from ages four and upwards through to adults. No matter the age we have some suitable and spectacular packages to suit you. Your child can choose their favourite song or we can help to theme your party and suggest song ideas.


Q- Are the Dolly mix party’s suitable for girls and boys?
A- They sure are, weather it’s all boys or all girls or mixed we can deliver a party that won’t disappoint. This is guaranteed.


Q- Is there a limit to how many children can be involved in a Dolly Dance Party?
A- No limit at all, any more than 30 children we will have 2 dance instructors to lead the party. As long as there is plenty of space you can have the biggest party in town.


Q-Are all the instructors fully qualified, insured and CRB checked.
A- YES YES YES, all Dance Mix instructors are fully qualified, trained, insured and are CRB checked if you require the CRB documents please don’t hesitate to ask. We only employ the best. (*Dance Mix policy is to have at least one adult present throughout the duration of the party).




Q- What kind of workshops/events do you offer?
A- Team Mix workshops can be anything you like popular options include which compaines have used before,
a choreographed routine to your chosen song/theme, can be anything you like from beyonce single ladies to



These are just some of our fantastic themed wkshops.. Please feel free to contact us with your enquiery and we will be happy to chat to you to tailer a package that would suit your company for your team builidng day.


Q- Is any dance experience needed?
A- No expereince is necessary at all. Dance mix can cater from absolute beginners to those more advanced on the dance floor.


Q- How much does a teambuilding workshop event cost?
A- Each teambuilding workshop/event will be individual. Dance Mix will tailer an individual package specially for you to suit your specific requirements.


Q- Why use Dance Mix?
A- We have over 10 years experience in the dance, entertainment and teaching Industry. Dance mix will ensure a succesful team building day or event which will exceed your expectations. Contact us today.




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